In a recent article by ESPN (article herethat sheds a bad light on the airsoft community and the experiences of women within it, we're presented with a complex tapestry of perspectives, challenges, and aspirations. While the article provides valuable insights into the dynamics of the airsoft world, it's essential to approach its findings with a nuanced perspective that avoids painting the entire community with a broad brush of misogyny and toxic masculinity. In fact, attributing these negative traits to the whole community can inadvertently discourage women from joining a sport that has much to offer in terms of camaraderie, skill development, and personal empowerment. From personal experience, at one point, I had the backing of many wonderful people in my community, both men and women. If anyone had sent me an unsolicited sexual material, videos or anything untoward they would have helped me handle it or stood with me as I took care of my problem. The airsoft community is full of great people, so to see an entitled person calling the men of the community "toxic" or saying they're "toxic masculine" I feel is a kick in the teeth to every man or woman that participates in this sport. Sure, as with every sport, there will be a few that are downright creeps but that is not all of the player base. Quit lumping the two together. Entitled people, such as some influncers in that article, are tearing apart our sport and the community. Support people who are actively trying to lift the community upwards instead of listening to aging influencers playing the victim card who are trying to keep new and young women out of the sport potentially.


          The article does a commendable job of highlighting the gender disparities within the airsoft community and the struggles that some women face due to harassment and gender-related biases. However, it's important to recognize that any community, even one as diverse as airsoft, contains a spectrum of attitudes and beliefs. Stereotyping the entire community as inherently misogynistic overlooks the efforts of individuals and groups that are actively working to create an inclusive environment.


          By oversimplifying the community's identity, we risk perpetuating a cycle where women are deterred from joining the sport due to misconceptions. In truth, the airsoft community is a dynamic mix of individuals who are passionate about different aspects of the game, including strategy, teamwork, athleticism, and yes, even self-expression. While the article touches on some instances of harassment, it's equally important to highlight the instances of support, friendship, and mentorship that women experience within the community. Rather than focusing solely on the challenges, it's crucial to also celebrate the women who have embraced airsoft and found a welcoming and empowering space to express themselves. Highlighting these stories not only showcases the diversity of perspectives but also encourages more women to explore the possibilities that airsoft has to offer.


          Ultimately, fostering a more inclusive airsoft community requires addressing the issues highlighted in the article while recognizing the strides that have been made and the positive experiences that many women have had. By engaging in constructive conversations that focus on the full range of experiences, we can contribute to breaking down barriers and welcoming more women into a sport that has the potential to enrich their lives in numerous ways. Let's work together to promote a balanced understanding of the airsoft community and create an environment where everyone can thrive.


Written By @airsoftgirl pitviper instagram              

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