Field RULEs

1. Eye protection on in the chrono and on the field at all times.


2. Mags out in the parking lot at all times. (Holstered pistols do not count)


3. Full seal eye protection only. No shooting glasses. If you are using M- frames, you must use a gasket to make them field legal- NO exceptions. 


4. Every player must have a dead rag. 


5. No foul language.


6. No blind firing. ( Demonstration is required for this rule.)


7. This is a very rough environment. BE CAREFUL! Boots are highly recommended for this field.


8. Bunker tag rules. (Demonstration is required for this rule.)


9. Do not harm any of the wildlife on the field. 


10. Unsportsman like conduct or any aggressive physical contact will get you removed AND banned from this field. No if's, and's or but's.


11. CQB RULES- Watch your MED's. For high FPS players, a secondary is recommended. (Pistols or other low FPS guns.) We don't want to be putting holes in people at close range.


12. Full face masks are required for anyone under the age of 16. If you don't have one with you, we do have a limited supply for rent up at the front.


13. Boundaries are all of the fields with crops in them. Do NOT go into these fields whatsoever. Do NOT shoot into these fields.


14. Do not climb any trees or tree stands. Your feet must stay on the ground at all times.


15. Our admins have final say. NO arguments.


16. Dead men will not talk. This is cheating and is a one warning offense.


17. Warning system:

        A. First warning will be a verbal warning

        B. Second warning you will sit out an entire round

        C. Third warning you will be removed from the field. No questions asked.


18. Thunder B's and grenades have a 10ft. kill radius. If you can see the grenade, you are dead. Just call it.


19. And the most importent rule of all- CALL YOUR HITS!!!! This is a gentlemans sport and being a sore sport because you got hit doesn't make the day fun for anyone. No one, from the player base to the owner of the field, is above this rule. Take the walk.